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In collaboration with Cassandra Pons of Lazy Girl Lingerie, this handmade lingerie collection was inspired by the works of classic literature. A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be supporting International Book Bank, a nonprofit organization that helps aspiring authors in developing countries get the funding needed to get published. 


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Lingerie & Literature

is dedicated to sharing esteemed works of literature while simultaneously unveiling the wonders of the world of lingerie. We believe every woman deserves to be educated and to feel empowered in what she wears. We offer a place where a woman can come and feel inspired. A portion of our proceeds benefit non-profit organizations that support women and literacy.


The Classics Collection will be supporting International Book Bank. International Book Bank’s mission is to increase literacy and advance education by supporting the development and distribution of books and other educational materials in developing countries.


A Note from the Founder

I take the phrase “do what you love” quite literally. I love the art behind lingerie and I have always loved reading, writing, watching, and hearing stories. I wasn’t comfortable choosing one over the other, so I put them together and decided to make something out of my two passions. I think life sometimes forces you to be filed under one category, to choose one career path and to possess one label. I have never been satisfied with that. We are all multidimensional humans and it’s important that we are given the space to express the many sides of us. I am lingerie. I am literature. And I’m also so much more.

- Kiana